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The Best Christmas Gift Ever


Sometimes tangible gifts fall short of conveying the love and care in our hearts for others. For those occasions, we us the gift of prayer. It reaches the crevices of pain the eye can’t see and our frail hearts cannot discern. If you know someone who is hurting this Christmas season, bless them with the gift of prayer. It never fails.

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How’s your love life?


Is your love life FULL or is it empty and lacking. If you’re looking to improve your love life this post is a MUST READ!

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Please Accept My Apology


As a self-professed “know-it-all,” it’s hard for me to admit when I’m wrong. But this is one of those times. So today, please read this post slowly, savor the moment and by all means… accept my apology.

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The Rise and Fall of Friendships

Friendship plays a large role in every person’s life. The art of friendship is knowing when to hold on and try harder or when to let go…

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I’m Rooting for You!

I have BIG dreams for my friends, the wonderful people God has placed so lovingly in my life. Want to know what those dreams are? Read on…

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