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How to Really MAKE Love

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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Becoming Engaged Enterprises, Inc.

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Little Irritations

Have you ever noticed that it is often the small irritations of life that sometimes seem to give you the most grief? Not a major tradgedy… Just the day to day agitations that wear you down like a steady drop wears a bolder down to a pebble over the course of time. {Continued…}

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The Blessing of Family

Families offer shelter, a covering and a place of security, incubation and correction. It’s a place where we are nurtured, proven, pruned and prepared. It’s not purposed to only make us feel good. It is not simply a built in cheering squad. Nor is it a ready made bank. Our family is God’s gift and blessing to us and is designed to usher us into our life’s purpose prepared. {Continued…}

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Walking Through Darkness

It is sometimes difficult to walk through dark seasons. Every step you take seems like a struggle. You wonder and pray for the next flicker of light. All you have to go on is a Word from God. At times you even begin to second guess that Word. You ask yourself, “Did I really hear Him correctly?” Or you wonder if you heard from God at all. {Continued…}

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