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You wanna know why I created Becoming Engaged® Enterprises

I created Becoming Engaged® because I was sick and tired of running into boring Christians.  

Sleepy woman yawning, Get enough sleep, Fitness and Nutrition Ch

Heck, I was sick and tired of BEING a boring Christian. You know the Christian that goes to church, goes to work and That.Is.ALL.



You may know someone like this. You may even BE that person. If so, you’re in the right place. 

I created this space for people, who like me 10 years ago, are tired of suffering in silence from agonizing, stifling and watch-the-paint-dry boredom. 


r-GLASS-CEILING-large570You’re asphyxiating, choking, and almost dying because deep in the pit of your soul you know God has more for you.

You know you were created for more than just going to work and church. (Now don’t get super deep and religious on me. We all know going to church is great, but if you’re not BEING the church, it’s just NOT enough). 



You Deserve MORE!

You know you’re playing small to the BIG life God created you for but somehow you’re just NOT living it. 


That’s why Becoming Engaged® exists.



I’m here because I know you are ready to pick up the mantle to BECOME the person you see in your heart… To BECOME the woman you feel in your gut… To BECOME the woman GOD designed you to be.

Now, I’m not looking for a bunch of boring women content to sit on the sidelines of life waiting for great things to happen. No ma’am.

I’m leading the charge at the FRONT of the line for women, like you, who are ready to MAKE your best dreams come true. Oh Yeah!!!! We’ve stripped off our pity party hats and have put on our JOY bonnets. 

 bling fedora

(Well, mine is a swagged-out, blinged-out fashion fedora, but you can choose whatever type you want – just as long as it brings a smile to your face, puts a pep in your step and makes you want to LAUGH OUT LOUD).


I’m all about empowering lively, infectious, and deliriously happy women who love God, love life and want to live it to the fullest. 

The world will NOT corner the market on happiness.

We’re Christians. God BOUGHT that corner with His LIFE.

We will NOT let it be in vain. We will NOT let it go unnoticed and ignored. 

We choose today to honor His sacrifice by living the most exciting, vibrant and fulfilling lives possible so the world will know that Jesus LIVES because He LIVES in us, through us and we’ve got the EVIDENCE to show it. 

Are you ready to create the life of your dreams ? Then slap that, “I’m Ready!” button, put on your favorite happy hat and snag my FREE  ebook, 7 Secrets to Living the Life of Your Dreams, jam packed with everything you need to live your BEST LIFE NOW! 



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