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Cheryl Thomas is a dynamic and transformation speaker who helps organizations get the most out of their leadership teams. Her most requested speaking topics are below:



Corporate Signature Speaking Topics:

The Indispensable Leader

In a time where the job market seems tenuous and strained, this session identifies the 4 foundational pillars every leader needs to employ to become a “cut around” leader (i.e. the resource no one wants to lose and will “cut” others to keep).

It is a great, interactive session that allows attendees to evaluate their “indispensability quotient” in a non-threatening, but eye opening way.


The Indispensable Employee

While The Indispensable Leader is geared toward executive staff and stakeholders, The Indispensable Employee presentation is designated for middle managers and team leaders.

It mirrors the strategy of The Indispensable Leader, but includes strategic tools and exercises to help managers and team leaders increase their leadership and team building skills thereby adding value to their respective organizations.

Presentation Power: Organizing Messages the Make Sense

This keynote and workshop is targeted for business professionals that have to regularly conduct trainings and presentations for their organizations. 

It covers the 7 Keys to present powerfully, succinctly and with clarity so audiences are wowed and left wanting more! 

Signature Entrepreneur Speaking Topics (Perfect for Authors & Speakers)

The Big Leap

Shake off fear so you can take your life from small time “hoping” to Big time LEAPing. In this session, audiences discover the secret ingredient that will help them leap from the land of wantabepreneurs to successful entrepreneurs so they can finally cut the 9 to 5 cord. Once you KNOW the secret, you too can implement it to see incredible results in your own business and life. 



Keys to Writing Your First Book (Coming Soon)


Bestsellers Bootcamp (Coming Soon)



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