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Here are the topics that Cheryl is currently speaking on. If you’re interested in booking Cheryl Thomas for an event, please use our Contact form. 


The Life Dare: 4 Super Simple Keys to Rescue Your Dreams from Life’s Little Disappointments

It has been said that life is a daring adventure or nothing at all. In this power-packed keynote message, learn how to rescue your life from the abyss of boredom and elevate it to an adventure you’ll want to share with everyone you meet. 


Dare to Believe: 5 Secrets to FearLESS Living

The only thing standing in the way of you living your dream is a simple, but sticky four-letter word. It seems small, but it has imprisoned millions. If you don’t want to get caught it its evil clutches, the 5 secrets revealed in this message is a must-have for your group to experience. 

Dare to Become: Own Your Greatness without Apology

We love our family and friends, but sometimes their well meaning and pure intentioned thoughts and opinions hold us back from reaching our true potential. Gain the strategic tools you need in your arsenal to go for your dreams without apology and with the least amount of collateral damage. 

Dare to Live: Find Courage to Take the Big Leap

Shake off fear so you can take your lives from small time “hoping” to Big time LEAPing. In this session, audiences discover the secret ingredient that distinguishes successful people from the rest. Once you KNOW the secret, you too can implement it to see incredible results in your own life. 

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