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The Rise and Fall of Friendships

Friendship plays a large role in every person’s life. The art of friendship is knowing when to hold on and try harder or when to let go…

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I’m Rooting for You!

I have BIG dreams for my friends, the wonderful people God has placed so lovingly in my life. Want to know what those dreams are? Read on…

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Can You REALLY Know God?

Knowing God is more than being a member of a church. It is deeper than simply reading your Bible. Knowing God is…

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The One Word That Will Increase Your Faith

Have you ever been afraid to do something? Most of the times I’ve been afraid to do something, I would imagine so many scenarios that could happen to ruin my plan. However, when I look back on my life, 99% of the time, NONE of those scenarios even came close to happening. Only ONE word helped me increase my faith. That one word is …

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I Want a Do Over!

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