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‘Tis the Season to Give


We’re turning the tables this Christmas! We’re not writing a list of what we want to get, we’re writing a list of what we want to GIVE! Join us in a season of a Ho Ho Ho Lotta Giving! It’s gonna be SOOOO much fun!

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Making Man KIND


It’s easy to condemn other people for not living up to God’s standards of love and kindness. But have you ever thought YOU could be that person? Read on to find out if all fingers are pointing right back at YOU!

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It’s Not What You Think

each other

Sometimes your blessings will come packaged in a suit you didn’t expect. It may not look like you think it should, but don’t discount the person who brings it. They may be just the person you need to pull you out of the ditch life throws you in!

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Please Accept My Apology


As a self-professed “know-it-all,” it’s hard for me to admit when I’m wrong. But this is one of those times. So today, please read this post slowly, savor the moment and by all means… accept my apology.

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3 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Friends

what im thinking

Do you tell your friends what you think all of the time? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Today, I did. Read on to find out what I desperately want them to know…

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