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[kc_background_pac_1_heading_13 type=”1″]The Secret[/kc_background_pac_1_heading_13][kc_background_pac_1_heading_13 type=”2″]to Discovering[/kc_background_pac_1_heading_13][kc_background_pac_1_heading_13 type=”3″]Your Purpose![/kc_background_pac_1_heading_13]

Have You Ever Wondered…

  • Why am I here?
  • What am I called to do?
  • Do I have a special purpose?

I did. For over 40 years, I lived my life wondering if there was something better. I wondered if I was born to do more, be more. I felt that I was destined for greatness but had NO IDEA how I was supposed to find it. I asked everyone I could think of, but found no answers. Then I went to God. You know the rest. He took me on a fun-filled, exciting and SIMPLE journey that helped me find my purpose and live my life according to His plan.      End of story right? Not so much. The funny thing is that after listening to others, I found I wasn’t alone. There were millions of people wanting to know their purpose, wanting to find that “special” thing they were created to do. They just didn’t know HOW to find it.   That’s when it dawned on me. Why not create a blueprint, with the keys God gave me, and package it in an easy to follow, step-by-step format for others. That way no one would have to live 40+ years wandering in the desert like I did.  That’s what you’ll find in the life changing purpose program, The Dreamer’s Academy. 

The secret formula for purpose discovery.


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So, I know you’re thinking…Cheryl…Just what is The Dreamer’s Academy & why do I NEED it? I know you have questions and I’ve got answers.   [kc_heading_pac_19_background_1][kc_heading_pac_19_font_3 size=”35″ color=”#d70000″ ]1. What is The Dreamer’s Academy? [/kc_heading_pac_19_font_3][/kc_heading_pac_19_background_1]   The Dreamer’s Academy is your roadmap to discovering and achieving your purpose with fun and excitement. Offering 4 simple keys to transport you from dream to reality, this Purpose Coaching Program features a PROVEN step-by-step process designed to help you reach your goals faster.   [kc_heading_pac_19_background_1][kc_heading_pac_19_font_3 size=”35″ color=”#d70000″ ]Who is The Dreamer’s Academy For?  [/kc_heading_pac_19_font_3][/kc_heading_pac_19_background_1]   The Dreamer’s Academy is for people with big dreams on the inside that they are ready to see manifest on the outside. It’s for people who have a BIG dream, but just need a formula and process to help them walk it out. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, author, minister or career professional, The Dreamer’s Academy will help you sharpen your skills so you can change your economy.

It’s for YOU, if you are ready to:

  • Find meaning, direction and PURPOSE to your life
  • Get crystal CLEAR about your purpose and learn how to successfully walk it out.
  • Stop enduring life and are ready to begin ENJOYING life.

[kc_heading_pac_19_background_1][kc_heading_pac_19_font_3 size=”35″ color=”#d70000″ ]What do the Sessions Entail? [/kc_heading_pac_19_font_3][/kc_heading_pac_19_background_1]   Each  session features fun, exciting and in-depth teaching aimed at providing you with the tools you need to fulfill your purpose and dreams.     [ez_box title=”Course Overview” color=”blue”]   Session #1 – Resurrecting the Dream

  • Find the courage to dig up that big dream you buried in doubt and fear
  • Release discouraging and limiting self talk that keeps you stuck
  • Embrace the YOU God intended

Session #2 – Discover the Dream

  • Learn how to root out smaller imposters from your BIG dream.
  • Learn the necessary elements that every dream should include.
  • Learn to take the filters off so you can dream BIG dreams and expect BIG results.

Session #3 – Planning the Dream

  • Taught by Pastor & Life Coach Extraordinaire Tyrone Hutchinson
  • Learn the importance writing your dream down has on fulfilling your dream.
  • Learn how to find the right people to build your dream.
  • Learn where to find resources for your dream.

Session #4 – Executing the Dream

  • Taught by Marketing Guru & Hustle Strategist Chadrick McGriff
  • Learn the best “next step” to take after you’ve planned your dream.
  • Learn how to market and promote your dream.
  • Learn how to automate processes that make you more efficient.

[/ez_box]   What is included in The Dreamer’s Academy Course?

  • 4, power packed MP3 audio sessions (Over 3 HOURS of timeless information). ($400 Value)
  • Dream Book Manual packed with course exercises, Call-to-Action assignments, and practical easy-to-use tools.  (Over 50 pages of insights and exercises) ($47 Value)
  • Purpose Resource List (To help with make the next step) ($9 Value)


  • Becoming Engaged eBook (THE “Go-To” book for personal purpose discovery). ($10 Value)
  • Rules of Engagement: 7 Secrets to Living the Life of  Your Dreams ebook ($27 Value)
The investment for this AMAZING offer is not $1,000, not even $500…
No… you can have this program immediately in your inbox….
For the incredible price of only [kc_heading_pac_18_underline_1 size=”50″ color=”#dc0000″ ]$297[/kc_heading_pac_18_underline_1]

(Note: Product is an instant download)

[ez_box title=”Testimonial #1″ color=”orange”]“Cheryl Thomas is very talented and my encounter with The Dreamer’s Academy was awesome.  This is not just an average workshop but an experience for me that was life changing. The assignments and guest speakers brought a variety of direction and knowledge that made it easy for me to think through and focus on my goals. Since completing The Dreamer’s Academy I have launched into my ministry with a clear direction, confidence and peace of mind.  I highly recommend [This Program].”  – Dianne W. [/ez_box]   [ez_box title=”Testimonial #2″ color=”orange”] “I have been recharged and learned many practical steps to bringing my dreams and visions to fruition. The Dreamer’s Academy offered a multiplicity of resources that helped me to discover, plan and execute my dreams into something tangible. I would highly recommend this program to those that are seriously ready and seeking to fulfill dreams that they may feel are long over due or out of reach. This program really helped me see that with hard work, focus, and a gentle push dreams really do come true.” – Detria D. [/ez_box] [ez_box title=”Testimonial #3″ color=”orange”] During The Dreamer’s Academy I was also able to identify the “how” of what I have been called to do. I continue to refer to my notes, the handouts and the recommended books that I purchased. I believe that because so much was shared during each session, I will continue to experience benefits from The Dreamer’s Academy. This was an AWESOME experience. Thank You!!!!!” – Debra W. [/ez_box]

(Note: Product is an instant download)

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