The One Word That Will Increase Your Faith



A few weeks ago a client asked me what practical steps she could take to build her faith. My answer was simple. ACT. Stop thinking about it. Stop praying about it. Just ACT. That’s it. 

But somehow that question kept bothering me. Why?

I wondered if she understood the answer I gave. I wondered if she felt the answer helped. I wondered if she thought I was being too abrupt or not sensitive to her plight in trying to increase her level of faith. 

You see I’ve been accused, and rightfully so, of being a cut-to-the-chase, hold-no-prisoners kind of girl. I just believe in telling it like it is. I don’t cut corners. I don’t sugar coat things. Sometimes its helpful, sometimes not so much. 

But more than anything, it made me wonder. Why do we make faith more complicated than it is? Why do we allow the enemy to derail us with scenarios that will probably never even happen?


Have you ever been afraid to do something? Most of the times I’ve been afraid to do something, I would imagine so many scenarios that could happen to ruin my plan. However, when I look back on my life, 99% of the time, NONE of those scenarios even came close to happening. 

If there is one thing I’m learning, it is to move in faith no matter how I FEEL. Even if I am afraid, I move in faith. Even if the odds are stacked against me, I move in faith. 

My doing this doesn’t make me special. It just makes me obedient. I have learned that things don’t happen because I want them to. Things don’t happen because I pray for them to happen. Things will happen when I BELIEVE they’ll happen. (Tweet Me)


“How do I show I believe… I ACT.” 





If you’re ready to really see your life change for the better. ACT on what you want to SEE. (Tweet Me)


Life Dare: I dare you to make ONE step toward a goal you planned at the beginning of this year. Don’t over think it. Don’t stress over it. Just DO IT!


Join the Conversation: What practical steps do you take to increase your faith? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 


12 Comments to “The One Word That Will Increase Your Faith”

  1. If my dream is something I can achieve all by myself then it needs to be bigger so God is in it more. Takes faith but He wants us to trust Him and see Him come through for us. Dreaming bigger with Him today.

    • You’re sooo right Jeannie. Any dream God gives us will be so big that we would never be able to accomplish it alone. Keep dreaming BIG!!!

  2. ACT. Makes sense since faith is strengthened by usage and usage implies acting!

  3. ACT. It makes sense since our faith is strengthened through usage and usage implies acting!

    • That is sooo true Cheryl. For it to really be faith, we have to ACT!

  4. This is so true – sometimes we analyze way too much. We just need to act. We want things to be perfect – but we just need to take that first step. And worry is such a killer. The Lord wants us to depend on Him – to grow in our faith. Blessings on you, Amy

    • Amy, I’ve been guilty of overanalyzing too. Sometimes, we just have to decide to DO something instead of just analyzing what could or could not happen. It’s time to jump in the deep and simply believe God!

  5. Thank you for the awesome encouragement to step out and ACT on our faith. I believe we would really be surprised at what would happen if we did just that! I am inspired to ACT on my FAITH!

    • Thanks Lesley. I’m learning that putting ACTIONS along with what I SAY I believe, is the only way to increase my faith. Glad you’ve been inspired to ACT too!

  6. Encouraging!

    • Thanks Ansonia! We all need a little encouragement every now and again!

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