The Best Christmas Gift Ever

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Giving comes in all forms and the way you do it is entirely up to you. But whatever you do just give, especially at this time of year.  

There are many people who are hurting and just need your time.  There are those who need a word of encouragement to make it through the day.  While yet others may need your financial help.  

This reality hit me in the face when I had the opportunity to read the thoughts of a family member who felt no one was ever there for them.  

They felt as if there was no love shown or given.  My heart hurt because I knew that nothing I said or did would make them believe otherwise.  Although love had indeed been given, money sent and spent, this person had their mind set on their ideas.  



I came to the realization that some people have seen so much in their lives it has caused them to have a lack of faith and trust in all humanity.  For those, we use the gift of prayer. It is the one gift that never stops giving.  

Through prayer we can send the love of God where we can’t go, where reason is not needed and the His goodness shines brightest. Through prayer we let our family and friends know there is a God who can and will heal all hurts.  

So whatever you’re giving this holiday season, be sure to send out a prayer as well.  It will cover every area that tangible giving can’t!

And if you’re hurting this holiday season, please give someone a hint that you need them because they simply may not know.  We all get so busy with our direct family needs that we don’t see what’s going on in the peripheral.  Does it mean that we don’t love you or that we don’t care?  Absolutely not!!!  

God sent us to be helpers one of another. If you open your eyes and your heart, you will find that there are people who will help you, love you and support you if you let them. 

Life Dare: Bridge a gap this holiday season by reaching out, not in.



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