Please Accept My Apology



I’ve been holding this secret for quite some time and I’ve been waiting for just the right time to tell you. But then I realized, somehow the right time NEVER comes. The only time that is available is NOW.


I made a mistake. 

Now that might not sound like a big deal to you. But to me it is monumental.

You see, I’m a “know-it-all” kind of chick who NEVER likes to admit when I’m wrong.


Anywhooooo… it’s true. I made a mistake. 10 years ago when God directed me to start Becoming Engaged Enterprises, He asked me to do ONE thing….


Teach Christians to LIVE!


Sounds simple, huh? But all you have to do is give one simple instruction to a human and they’ll make 50 gazillion projects out of it. (Oh, I’m sorry. Maybe that’s just MY problem. Heeeheee).


Out of this one instruction, I tried to do sooooo many things. Preaching, teaching, life coaching, professional development. You name it, I tried it. 

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m all those things. I’m a teacher, preacher, author, certified life coach and love to help people develop professionally. 

However, that’s not what He asked me to do with THIS forum. In my effort to complete the assignment God gave me, I forgot to ask HIM for specific instructions. 

I didn’t ask Him HOW to do it. I didn’t ask Him WHO I was supposed to reach. I didn’t ASK, I just started doing.

But late this year I took a step back, went to God and asked Him to direct me.


I know you’re probably  saying,

“Cheryl, what does this have to

do with me?”

Well… over the next few weeks and months, you’re going to see A LOT of changes. 


God-ordained changes.

God-directed changes.

God-focused changes. 


I’m giving this community back to God and redirecting the focus to it’s original purpose. 


To teach YOU how to live.


Now, I’m not talking about living just any old boring, ordinary, or mundane existence either. That’s NOT what we’re going to do here. 


I’m dedicated to helping you to embrace the  Overcoming, Abundant LIFE Christ died so that you could experience.  


Yes, the life you see in your dreams. The life you want so bad it almost hurts. The life you whisper to God about in your prayer closet. The life you see others living and you’re secretly jealous about. Yes. THAT LIFE. 


If you’re ready to escape the lackluster life you’ve been settling for far too long, strap on your boots baby, we’re getting ready to ROCK OUT and live like we MEAN IT! 


Life Dare: Life is always better when we experience it together. I DARE you to share this post with all of your friends that you KNOW are living far beneath the overcoming, abundant lives God has for them! Invite them to join us in creating the best life EVER!

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  1. This is beautifully written. Thank you so much!!

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