Pick a Hand!

As children many of us played the guessing game.  In the guessing game, one person had a prize or secret object in one hand. This person would hold out both hands, closed in a fist, in front of him. The object of the game was for the other person to guess which hand held the hidden object.  

You would tap either the right hand or the left hand and say, “This one.”  The person would open their hand and you would find out if it held the surprise.  It seems that a lot of people go through life like that with God, not realizing that “we” are the ones who must open our hands, hearts and ears.  

I heard Bishop T. D. Jakes once say, “So often people look to others as their help because they see themselves as “The Mission,” thus damning up the flow of blessings.  When we learn that opening our hands is a two way street, we will see the flood gates open.  We learn that in order to receive, we must give.  BOTH require an open hand.  

The Bible is clear that we will face tribulations in our lives, but it is also clear that if we have faith the size of a mustard seed we can move mountains (Matthew 17:20).  When presented with a challenge in Exodus 4:2, God asked Moses, “What is that you have in your hand?” To which Moses replied, “My walking stick.”  After hearing & following God’s  instructions, that simple ‘walking stick’ was turned into anointed power.  

Opening your hand is sometimes easier said than done, so I want to challenge you to not only open your hand, open your heart and your ears to hear instruction from God.  He will never lead you wrong.  And as Moses did, check out what you have in your hand.

Life Dare: Sometimes we’re so busy looking at the gifting in others that we don’t see the tremendous blessing God has given us. In the comment section below, share ONE thing you KNOW, beyond a shadow of doubt, that God has gifted you to do.


About the Writer:

Valerie was born and raised in Gainesville Florida and is the 2nd oldest of four children.  She has served in ministry most of her life and loves to sing.  She received her ministerial license in 1998 under the leadership of Bishop T.D. Jakes where she served as a minister and in the choir. Valerie loves to sing and enjoys music.  She currently serves at her local church New Beginnings.  

10 Comments to “Pick a Hand!”

  1. I love this post Cheryl. My one thing: I came to teach, speak and encourage business owners around money and marketing. I have just recently become very clear on this, I’m excited about where God is taking me on this journey!

    • Wow Summer, the greatest blessing of all is to be clear on your gifting and purpose. Continue to allow God to use you and you will find your hands will overflow with his blessings.

  2. I really liked the reminder to open your hand, to let go first! My one thing is:To encourage others in their walk with Jesus.

    • Hello Cheryl, thanks for commenting, your gift is one that is very much needed. I applaud you and want to encourage you to not get weary. Sometimes as encourager we need encouraging as well. May your crown have many stars for uplifting the kingdom. It is special gift that you have. God bless you.

  3. To serve others through my counseling.

    • Thanks Kathy, your gift is something that we really need during these times. Continue to use your gift and you will reap multiplied blessings!

  4. Thank you for this blog. I agree with Lesley’s statements above. As to your “Life Dare”, I know that God gives each of us a gift and that I must, therefore, have one. However, I do not know what mine is.

    • Hi Judy, you have a gift don’t ever doubt that. At times we can be our own worst critic. Ask God to quiet your spirit and give you peace so that you can recognize what your gift truly is. It could be something that you place little value in but really means something to the world around you. Are you the life of the party? Are you the one that friends confide in? Is your smile electric? Gifts come in many forms and you have one. Once you recognize it, polish it because its not small and the world needs it. Your comment to me today was a gift and I thank you!

  5. Great blog! Very insightful and full of wisdom. What a great reminder to let go so that we may also be able to receive. Thanks for sharing!!

    • Thanks Lesley, I find that it is a walk of faith to open your hand but God is always faithful to meet you at the point of your need.

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