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Have you ever met a Christian who was sooo rude, cynical and downright mean that it made you scratch your head and ask yourself, “Is this person really a Christian?”

Their behavior was so deplorable that you could not figure how they could wear the badge of Christian when their lifestyle didn’t reflect it.  However, this individual could quote Scriptures like a champ, prophesy and preach better than most. Really?

I know it is easy to condemn that person, but have you ever been that person? Most of us would respond with a hearty, “NO WAY!”

But as I look back over my life, I can find  many instances when I have not been so nice. Like the times I pretended I didn’t see a car trying to get in front of me when I KNEW they were trying to get in. Or the time I didn’t forgive a coworker no matter how many times they apologized.

Why do we struggle to give people the same grace we so lavishly pour on ourselves? 

How did we mess this up? How have we come so far from the original plan God designed? Sometimes I wonder how God feels. Is He disappointed? 

UmbrellaAs we play our games, the world is watching and waiting. They’re waiting to see us love like Christ loves. They’re waiting for us to forgive like Christ forgave. They’re waiting for us to be KIND. Not amazing, not super spiritual, not even all-knowing. They are just looking for us to be NICE!!!



How can we show them the love of Christ when we are not loving to one another?

We’ve got to realize that being a Christian is not just going to church. It’s not just proclaiming the name of Christ. It’s not the manifestation of gifts and talents. It is being “Christ-Like.” 

As a community, we have to show the world that Christ gives us to the power to love the unlovely, forgive the unforgivable and be kind to those who mistreat us.

If we, who call ourselves Christians, cannot do this, how can we expect anyone else to do it? It is our mission. It is our duty. We are on this earth to show the world how God makes man KIND!


Life Dare: What can you do to show kindness to someone today? Whether it is a family member, co-worker or random stranger, share ONE way you can shower them with the love of God in the comment section below.

2 Comments to “Making Man KIND”

  1. Going to do better today than I did yesterday; I was a mean Christian yesterday, but I knew it! I will be better today

    • Ansonia, we all have those days. The good thing is you recognized it and are willing to take the necessary steps to purpose in your heart to do better!

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