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Recently I began participating in the 31-day Giving Challenge, a Ho Ho Ho Lotta Giving, we sponsored as a part of celebrating the Christmas holiday season. 

As I embarked upon each day’s challenge; I noticed that I became more and more eager to get out of bed and face the day. I knew that I would be a blessing in someone’s life that day and it seemed to fuel my excitement to see how those on the receiving end would feel.

What amazed me was that people seemed to be just as excited about the things that I considered “simple” and cost me nothing as much as they were about the things that I had to prepare for and spend money on. 

Visual-Inspiration-3345-@-GenCeptIt was so amazing to me what a kind word, a compliment, listening to someone’s story or just a friendly smile while walking down the hallway will do for people. 

Although the challenge is not complete yet, I think I have gained more than I ever thought I would. I have gained a renewed sense of our Father’s love for us. It has helped me to understand how His love towards us is displayed through His giving to us and for us.

I believe He designed giving to operate in a circle. As I give to your need, you give to mine and we give to another’s… ALL of our needs will be met.  

The need to give I believe is innate within us and if it goes unmet we will forfeit the chance to live the full, satisfying life that we were created to live. Although the challenge is only to last for 31 days I have been inspired to make giving, in some form a part of my everyday life. As hard as it may be to believe, for me, the giving end is sooo much more gratifying than the receiving end. 

The next time you have the opportunity to be a blessing, GO FOR IT!  Flash those pearly whites, pay for that meal or just say… HELLO!


Life Dare: Haven’t joined the challenge yet? Click HERE to jump in the last few days of fun, excitement and fulfillment with us. 

3 Comments to “Little Things”

  1. Hi Ansonia,

    They have been so very wonderful. I have really enjoyed participating in the challenge. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Praying that you have a fabulous Christmas!!!

  2. The daily tasks have been wonderful! Though some I couldn’t do I found myself praying that someone wouldbe blessed tthat way & that I would be able to bless others in every way. This has been great, thanks!

    • Thank you Ansonia. They have been wonderful. It’s been an awesome way to give back this Christmas Season!

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