It’s Not What You Think

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  • When is the last time you prayed for your neighbor, whom you knew was struggling?
  • When was the last time you saw a need and met it without having to be individually invited?
  • When was the last time you were compassionate towards those in your community? 

I recently asked myself these 3 questions and the answer was very disappointing. Not too long ago, I was mightily blessed — I mean above and beyond the mighty everyday blessings of waking up and being sane. 

Someone that I have seen around for years, someone who seemingly had issues, someone whom I never thought could bless me in any way, shape, or form, did. But that’s not the crazy part. I had seen certain behaviors that clued me in to the fact that this person had issues. 

I mean, we all do, but sometimes you can just tell. After I received this blessing, I thanked God for that person, I prayed for that person. I was glad to be in a circle that was close enough to that person so that I could be blessed by them! 

PrayerForYouthBut, where were my prayers for them when they were not in a position to bless me? Why was it easier for me to laugh at them or roll my eyes than pray and thank God for them? What in the world have I been doing? What have I been thinking? How many other people have I treated like that, maybe unbeknownst to them, maybe not? This person is a part of my community. A community cannot flourish if one person is lacking. 

What if my prayers are the ones that will spur God’s hand to change things around in my community? What if the success of my community depended on me, on my willingness to reach people where they are instead of waiting on them to get on “my level?” 

There are so many ways I can impact my community, but that situation is what spurred all of the words you’ve just read. Your community cannot flourish without you. As you can see in 1 Corinthians 12:14-26, we all need each other. One part of the community loses meaning without the other parts. 

We need each other, but we must lift up each other. Not just when it is convenient. Not just when someone has already done something for you. Not just when you can benefit. But all the time. We must impact our community so that in turn, it can impact us.

Life Dare: I dare you to pray for anyone that comes across your mind today, tomorrow, or even yesterday that you did not pray for. I dare you to not only notice what others are going through, but to pray for them when you do. You must be the change you want to see.

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3 Comments to “It’s Not What You Think”

  1. Thanks for the reminder that we should see people through God’s eyes and not our eyes of judgement. We are all important to Him and should be to each other.

  2. What a wonderful reminder that we can each impact our community and be an unsuspecting resource. We may truly be surprised of the inspiration we could be to someone else. I am excited about how God will change our communities through this eye opening blog!!

  3. Thank you Ms. Karlyne for awakening me to my oversight, and the challenge to do better!

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