It Doesn’t Get Any Better than THIS!

Dare #22

You have one FREE day to do anything you want and go anywhere you want. Money is no object. Tell us what you’d plan for your DREAM DAY.

 Remember you MUST post your comment on our FACEBOOK page letting us know you completed the DARE by 10pm to be eligible to WIN the daily PRIZE.

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2 Comments to “It Doesn’t Get Any Better than THIS!”

  1. My dream day is to travel to Spain. I would leave Memphis traveling first class and would land in Spain to wonderful weather. I would not have jetlag because I slept so soundly on the plane. I would pack the day in with all the great sights, smells and food. I would meet wonderful people and have great memories!

    • Wow Debi! That sounds like such a fun trip. I may have to go with you! =)

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