If You Could Ask God Anything…

I get approached by people all the time asking me to help them discover their purpose. They have questions like… “How do I find that special thing I was born to do?” or “I can do so many things well, how do I narrow it down to just one or how do I decide which to tackle first?’”

I felt like this for YEARS. I would approach every expert I knew, whether in person, through their messages, audio & video courses, conferences, etc, etc, etc. You name it, I tried it. I was desperate to find out why I was here.

When I failed to find my purpose using everyone else’s strategy, I went to my Daddy (God), the place I SHOULD have started my search. He didn’t give me just Scriptures, though the Word is the BEST, He didn’t just give me a roadmap, though maps are always helpful.

He gave me exactly what I needed…a tour of ME. Through revisiting past events in my life, He showed me who I was, who I was called to help, and why I was uniquely equipped to help them.

To help you begin your tour with God, I thought I’d provide a few of the questions He posed to me. I know they will help you focus in on the reason you’re here, who you’re called to help and why you’re the best person for the job!

Life Tour Questions:

  • What are people always complimenting you about?
  • When people come to you for help, what problems are they typically asking about? 
  • What group of people are you naturally drawn to? (Women, Men, Children, Young Adults)
  • What about this group concerns you the most?
  • How are you uniquely qualified to help them?

Could it be possible that God is giving you clues to your purpose and you continue to overlook it? Mining the treasure of your gift and talents takes time. However, the rewards you reap are worth the effort.

Let today be the day the tour starts. 

Life Dare: We’d love to hear your thoughts, so in the comment section below, share the MAJOR topic you are intrigued in or always find yourself talking about. This is another clue that is sure to lead you to defining your purpose.  


About Cheryl: 

Cheryl is your personal purpose coach and dream cultivator. Her goal is to not let you settle for a “safe” life, but to keep pushing until you have a GREAT life. She ignites the fire of passion in people who have big dreams, big faith and a BIG God!

An author, minister, and transformational speaker, Cheryl provides you with the necessary tools, skills and courage to confront your fears and change your mindset so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of living.

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6 Comments to “If You Could Ask God Anything…”

  1. I went in search of me and my calling after trying many failed paths! It took six long months to find it, and realized later God had been directing me there all along. I was the one who got off course. I tried the easier, quicker way!

    It did NOT work!

    Great Questions to ask! I would add one more. This is the question that got me going.

    What are you passionate about? If you could do anything on your day off, what would it be? What do you do, and you lose all track of time? Ask God if that is a place you are meant to pursue!

    • Thanks Joyce, truth be told, the path we think is easier or quicker doesn’t usually work. God’s path is ALWAYS better. Thanks also for the additional questions. They are some great questions that I also asked myself.

  2. Love those very specific questions to ask yourself! I’m sure this will help lot of people.

  3. Great post Cheryl. I am always drawn to matters of the heart.

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