I Said A Prayer For You

Every now and then I get an unction to pray directed prayers. This month I’m praying intensely for my family. So as I pray for my blood family, I decided to include a quick prayer for you, my virtual family. I pray it brings healing to your heart and peace to your soul.


My Prayer for You…


  • I pray that you would stop selling yourself short.
  • I pray that you would finally realize how important you are; how talented you are; how special you are. 
  • I pray that you will see how your presence enriches the lives of those around you.
  • I pray that you would take a moment to look inside your heart and pull out all the hurt to see the shimmer of love waiting to explode.
  • I pray that God’s love would invade your heart and fill you with hope and courage.
  • I pray that you would not only see your brilliance, but embrace it, cultivate it and share it with the world.


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About Cheryl: 

Cheryl is your personal purpose coach and dream cultivator. Her goal is to not let you settle for a “safe” life, but to keep pushing until you have a GREAT life. She ignites the fire of passion in people who have big dreams, big faith and a BIG God! 

An author, minister, and transformational speaker, Cheryl provides you with the necessary tools, skills and courage to confront your fears and change your mindset so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of living.  

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6 Comments to “I Said A Prayer For You”

  1. Awesome prayer thankyou so much for sharing!

  2. Very beautiful words to encourage and inspire. Prayer is the answer.

  3. A timely word indeed

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