How’s your love life?


Several weeks ago I was working on some new ideas for my business, when I stumbled across a video. Ok, by stumbled upon, I mean a friend told me about this awesome video I needed to see and she MADE me watch it.  Yep, that kind of stumbled upon. 


You see, most times I’m sooo knee deep in developing products and programs for my business and trying to deliver awesome content to you that it is the rare occasion that I come up for air. 


This video was the air I needed. It was more than profound. It was convicting. As I watched, it made me think about my love life. Ok, not love life in a girl-meets-guy romantic kind of way, but the how-I-treat-others kind of way. You know, my family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and even the stranger that crosses my path everyday. 


 Click HERE to watch this incredible video!

It made me wonder if I was really doing my part as a citizen of the earth. Was I GIVING back in a way that was tangible, heartfelt and lasting?


It was one of the things that caused me to implement our 31 days of giving campaign, A HO HO HO LOTTA GIVING CHALLENGE. 


You see, we’re placed on the earth to make it better than when we found it. To make sure that not only is our presence felt, but that it matters


Because at the end of the day, it will not be the amount of money you make, the kind of car you drive or the elaborate home that you live in that gives you fulfillment. It is the lives you change with your words, your acts of kindness and your giving.


So today, I wanted to share that video with you. I pray it inspires you to give more, love more and ultimately LIVE more.


Life DARE: I dare you to join us in the HO HO HO LOTTA GIVING CHALLENGE. It’s 31 days of loving those in your circle. Today’s challenge is listed right below this DARE. For access to all 31 challenges, Simply click on this LINK. I PROMISE it will fill your heart with thanksgiving, joy and LIFE! 

Giving - Day 2

6 Comments to “How’s your love life?”

  1. “It is the lives you change with your words, your acts of kindness and your giving.” Love this and live by this Cheryl. I’m also going to take you up on your challenge.

    • Thanks Summer. It’s a great challenge that’s changing our lives and changing our hearts. I’m so glad we’re doing this together.

  2. Hi Cheryl, I love to read giving stories like this. Yes, we too want to be sensitive to give to those around us . . . and on the other side of the world, to bless them!!! Blessings, Amy (Oh, and Iknow we get blessed too!)

    • Absolutely Amy. I’m being sooo very blessed with this giving challenge. God has opened my eyes and helped me open my heart to make sure I’m a blessing to someone in some way everyday. Blessings to you.

  3. This a great challenge especially at this time of year!!

    • Yes it is. I’m learning sooo much about myself and my Savior through this giving challenge. Feel free to join us and invite all of your friends too. Let’s start an avalanche of giving and loving the world like Christ.

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