Caught You Doing Something Good


Dare #2:

Do something kind for a complete stranger. It’s simple, but rewarding.

Need help deciding what to do? How about paying the bill for the car behind you at your local fast food restaurant or you could pay the next person’s toll.

Simply giving a stranger a compliment or helping the single mother or elderly person carry their groceries to the car, are also wonderful ways of extending your heart and being the bright light in someone’s day. #TheLifeDARE

Remember you MUST post your comment on our Facebook page letting us know you completed the DARE by 10pm to be eligible to WIN the daily PRIZE.

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5 Comments to “Caught You Doing Something Good”

  1. I think I missed the deadline for the prize but I like the idea! I do sometimes do things like this. But I am always in need of reminders!!

  2. Cheryl I love this dare! Paying it forward is a guaranteed way to ensure ones continued success. I’ll be on the lookout for how I can bless someone this week.


    • I’m enjoying the DARE’s too Summer. It is a great way of giving back!

  3. What a fun project. I’ll be keeping my eyes open today to see who I can bless. Thanks for the idea.

    • Thanks for the encouragement Kim. This challenge is blessing me and everyone who is participating in The Life DARE. We know that Dreams Are Realized Everyday, and who knows if our day is today?!

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