Beat the Competition Every Time

Who you are trying to model? Who are you sooo enamored with that you have ceased being your wonderful self?

Often we forget how great we are as individuals because we’re trying to fit into a group. 

The funny thing is, you are not a group. You are your own person. You are your measuring stick. You’ll never discover the thing that makes you stand out beautifully, if you compare and measure who you are based on the performance of others. 


If you don’t set yourself a part, you’ll always get lost in the crowd.

When you decide your only goal is to surpass the best version of yourself, you’ll stop competing with others. Because finding and living your life’s purpose is not a competition. 

No one can fulfill your purpose, but you. That means you don’t have any competition. This is your journey. Others can help you, mentor and coach you, but they can never BE you. 

God made you unique for a purpose. Your job is to find out how your individuality will SERVE your purpose and the people God has called you to help.

You were built to lead. Stop following the pack. Take your place and set the pace for YOUR race. 

Life Dare: Do you know how your unique talent is supposed to help and uplift others? Share that gift and how you use it in the comment section below. 


About Cheryl: 

Cheryl is your personal purpose coach and dream cultivator. Her goal is to not let you settle for a “safe” life, but to keep pushing until you have a GREAT life. She ignites the fire of passion in people who have big dreams, big faith and a BIG God! 

An author, minister, and transformational speaker, Cheryl provides you with the necessary tools, skills and courage to confront your fears and change your mindset so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of living.  

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3 Comments to “Beat the Competition Every Time”

  1. Positivity is my super strength that I use to help and uplift others!

  2. I have a gift of being able to bring laughter and joy to people in just about any situation. Sharing my own experiences and lending an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on in difficult times has proved to be blessing to those in need

    • Yes you do. Keep sharing the fun, we so desperately need it!

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