4 Super-Simple Ways to Spread Love

All month long we’ve been encouraging you to “Open Your Hand,” so you can receive the abundance of God and share the overflow with the people He sends your way.

We hope you’ve been blessed, challenged and inspired to continue the PROCESS of opening your hand and see it as something we must do over and over again everyday. Why? Because it keeps the circle of giving open and our joy full and complete.

For those who may have missed any of this month’s posts OR, if like me, you want the opportunity to enjoy them again, we’ve listed them below. Be sure to share them with your family, your friends and co-workers as your way of opening your hand and their hearts to God’s love.


Post #1: Deal or No Deal {Video}

Are you relying on your efforts alone to fulfill God’s purpose. Find out why that is the biggest mistake ever and how you can rectify it now!




Post #2: Pick a Hand


As children many of us played the guessing game.  In the guessing game, one person had a prize or secret object in one hand. This person would hold out both hands, closed in a fist, in front of him. The object of the game was for the other person to guess which hand held the hidden object.

Click on “Read More” to find out which hand your blessing is in. 




Post #3: Don’t Block the Blessing













So often we give out of obligation or guilt rather than being Spirit-led. So often we use what God has given us for a new pair of shoes or a trip to the Laker’s game instead of sowing into someone’s life who may need it more than a pair of Christian Louboutin’s or a ticket to see Kobe Bryant shoot hoops.

Let me be clear: spending money on yourself for your personal pleasure is OKAY! Sometimes we have been saving up for that hot new gadget and just at that time, someone asks you for a monetary favor. Man! Great timing, huh? 

Click “Read More” to find out what to do when God’s timing is different from yours.




Post #4: Play Your Hand













Have you ever been in a service and the minister tells the congregation of a financial need for a project that is underway and you are inspired to give a sizable amount? Just as you are beginning to write that check, a small voice tells you to cut your donation in half just in case “something” happens.

Has this ever happened to you? Click “Read More” to find out if YOU are the person holding your blessing back.






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