Whose Dream Is It Anyway?

I’m amazed at the number of people I encounter that have given up on their dreams. It hurts my heart to see gifts, talents and incredible intelligence go to waste.
It bothered me so much, that I decided to spend some time addressing it. You see, I know that the dominant call on my life is to ignite the spark that causes people to pursue their purpose so they can live their dreams. That’s why I’m here to encourage you. If God has given you a BIG dream, don’t give up. We need what you have.
So you may ask, Cheryl, what does it mean to have a dream? For some, it’s only a way to escape their current reality. For others it’s a “mental” recreational vacation. However, for others, it is destiny, an inner knowing that God has given us an assignment to touch the world in a unique way.
For those who define their dream as their ultimate purpose and destiny, that voice within will not and cannot be stilled. It cannot be silenced nor can it be ignored. It is God’s call within that won’t let us rest until it is fulfilled.

Not just because we’re special, though all of us are. But because someone needs the gift that we have. Whether our purpose is to encourage some weary soul, to uplift those who have been forgotten and misused, to assist children or help ailing adults… someone, somewhere is hurting, waiting for us to use what we’ve been given.
It doesn’t matter if others do not see your purpose. It doesn’t matter if they believe in your dream. That’s why God gave it to you. You don’t need the masses to believe it… just the people who need it. They are now waiting for you to walk in it. Do it now.
Take Action: What are you going to do TODAY to begin living your dream? Post your comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


Note: If you need a resource to help you resuscitate a dream you’ve abandoned, click the link below to check out my audio teaching, Resurrecting Dreams. It offers 4 pivotal Keys sure to help you awaken the dreamer within you!


16 Comments to “Whose Dream Is It Anyway?”

  1. Hi Cheryl,

    I love what you’re writing about – our message is so similar!! I actually wrote this post about following your own dreams – not the life path laid out for you by others. So it ties in so closely with what you are saying here!


    Thanks for spreading your message

  2. Thank you for the reminder to live into our dreams. It reminds me of this quote:
    “Don’t ever let anyone turn your sky into a ceiling.” Unknown

  3. Good thoughts. All true dreams are from God and we must persevere at all costs. There is no other option.

    • Thanks Kim! Giving up is not an option. Success is the only available option!

  4. This is a timely reminder to not give up when it feels like your dream is impossible.

  5. Thanks for the encouragement. I just need to find the exact people who I am supposed to help and I am doing that little by little, step by step.

    • Hi Cheryl, you’re quite welcome. I agree that it takes time to find your ideal audience. But as you keep working toward it, they’ll begin to find you.

  6. “Own Your Dream”

    This is a matter of stewardship, to me. I can’t whine. I can’t complain. I can, however, utilize the gifts I’ve been given to apply to the dream.

    • Hi Scott, I so agree! Stewardship is not always easy, but it is always worth it!

  7. I would say that it DOES matter if others see your purpose/vision/dream. They don’t have to get it. You don’t have to be famous for it, but they need to see it, and ‘deal with’ it at some level, especially when our dreams involve serving others.

    • Hi Matthew, thanks for the input. I’m not saying that there shouldn’t be SOME people who see your purpose/vision/dream. What I was attempting to convey was that EVERYONE will not see your dream. Joseph’s brothers didn’t “see” his dream, but it didn’t nullify it. His own father, who loved him dearly, didn’t “see” it, but it happened anyway. Even today, not everyone “sees” Jesus’ dream. But it is still valid. My goal was to encourage those who are waiting on people’s approval to live their God-given dreams. The people who I am called to serve will see my dream, get it and want it. The people you are called to serve will see your dream, get it and want it. That’s what matters.

  8. I am not going to give up on my dream. I am going to read and do what is suggested I do. I will have patience and keep working as hard as I can. This is my commitment to myself to make my dream come true!

    • Great commitment Arleen! With that attitude, you’ll definitely be there soon!

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