What Lights Your Fire?

John Maxwell wrote a book entitled, “Talent is Never Enough.” The book title intrigued me because I always heard that when you have a talent for something, you will excel in life.
Not necessarily true.
I know some of the most talented people in the world. I have a friend who can sing circles around the most famed singers known to man. However, she is standing behind someone’s counter selling women’s apparrel.
I know someone else whose creative ability could eclipse Martha Stewart, but she is sitting in a bank helping others keep up with their money. These friends have skills and enough talent to fill an ocean, but they both lack one thing. Passion.

While you may be incredibly great at something, unless you can identify the thing that makes your heart race, the thing that you think about constantly, the thing you would PAY to be able to do, you’ll settle for helping others achieve their passion.
What lights your fire? What is your passion? What are you great at that you ALSO love and have a red hot passion and drive for? Do you know? Until you locate that thing, it will stay parked in your heart and no one will benefit from it.
It’s worth it to find out. Take an inventory of your desires this week. Each day involve a different activity around each one of these desires and journal about it. Look in your heart of hearts for ways this activity excites, motivates and stirs you to action. Record it. Record your reaction to it. How does it make you feel? What does it make you want to do?
At the end of the week look at your journal. Which activity brought you the most joy? Which activity caused you to lose track of time? Which activity did you want to repeat the next day? These are clues to your dominant passion.
God is speaking through your life so please pay attention to what He is saying. Can you imagine the lives of others who could be enriched if we all found the thing we were great at, had a passion for and then began to UNLEASH those gifts? Your purpose is locked inside your passion.
Find it. Share it. Now.
Stoke the Fire: What did you learn about your passions this week? Share it with us below. As your passion grows, so does your life.

8 Comments to “What Lights Your Fire?”

  1. I love this message it is a core component in the Joy Club. However, I wonder if you have some insight into a quest that God has been pressing on my heart. What if you have found your passion, you have drive and you act and yet nothing happens… it is all work and no results. What then? Just food for thought. Great blog this week.

    • Hi Antiqua, I have so many clients who feel this way. They’ve done the work and now they are waiting on the promise. I’ve been there too! What most of us aren’t ready for is the patience and perseverance it takes for any worthwhile business, ministry or career to bear fruit. NOTHING happens overnight.

      It’s during these times we find rest in Hebrews 10:36. “For ye have need of patience, that, after ye have done the will of God, ye might receive the promise.” It is NOT the response most people want, but it is the answer God gives. We can also use this as a time for character & strength development as God teaches us how to navigate obstacles and press through when the going gets tough. It only serves to strengthen us for the road ahead.

      We hear God’s voice, follow His commands as He pushes us from our passions to our purpose and then wait on HIM to bring forth fruit. We can always rest in the fact that we’ve done what God required and now we can rest in His ability to complete the work. Don’t worry, don’t stress. God is faithful and He will COMPLETE the work He has begun in you!

  2. I believe passion and practice are important. Without passion we wouldn’t get anything done and without practice we would not be good at what we do.

    • Hi Debi, you are sooo right. Just like Kim said, passion drives practice. =)

  3. Hi Cheryl – Absolutely! Passion is essential. I also agree with Cheryl Cope’s comment. Maybe it’s the passion that drives the practice.

    • Hi Kim, you’re right. Passion is essential. Without it a person would never be compelled to practice. That’s why it is key to find it early.

  4. I understand what you mean about passion, but would you say that you also need practice at your craft, too?

    • Hi Cheryl, I’m not sure that “craft” and “passion” are the same thing. There are things that I am great at (a craft perhaps) for which I have little to no desire or passion. However, there are also things that I am great at that I have extreme passion for. These are the things I do practice, hone and work at to achieve mastery of so I can serve those around me with excellence. In the words of Kim Avery, I tend to believe that passion drives practice.

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