What Is Your Purpose Worth?

Now I know some of you are probably shocked or at least puzzled by the subject of this blog. You may be asking, “Is she trying to suggest that I put a monetary value on my God-given purpose? Well…Yes and no.
God gave us gifts and talents to benefit us financially. So when we’re trying to determine our purpose, one gauge is determing its profitability.
The gift God gives will always produce profit. It will profit us personally, emotionally and financially. It will profit the world with inspiration, encouragement, witty inventions, technological advances and a better way of life.

However, although our gifits and talents are designed to produce profit, it is never a determining factor of our value. We are worth more than any amount of money we’ll ever make. There is no dollar amount that could ever stand up to our worth.
We are priceless jewels in God’s crown. We are designed to bring Him glory and honor and our effectiveness on the earth does that. It does us no good and brings God no honor when we devalue our worth.
It is our job to investigate the gifts God has given to find the largest return on His investment in us. If He’s given us the intelligence to discover the cure for cancer and AIDS, we must use that ability to the fullest and offer it to a dying world who needs our expertise.
Not just so we can live large, but so that the world gets better because of the gift God has entrusted to us.
So…here are a few questions we should honestly ask ourselves. (Note: Don’t try to answer these quickly. Take time to reflect, research and pray about the answers. They are the keys that will unlock your profitable purpose).
  1. Does my excellent passion have the capacity to make money?
  2. Who needs what I have to offer?
  3. Who buys it now?
  4. What are they currently paying for it?
  5. Why is my solution better?
  6. Why would others buy from me and not my competitors?
  7. Do I have PROVEN expertise in this area?
When we’re pursing our excellent passion to discover our life’s purpose, these are questions we must ask so we can uncover the ONE thing we were placed on this earth to be and do. Know that it is God’s gift to you. It will serve the earth and it will also serve YOU!
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2 Comments to “What Is Your Purpose Worth?”

  1. Awesome blog. I love that you refer to our gifts; our “excellent passion” as something God wants to make profitable. It is his desire that we prosper and he gave each of us a way to be a blessing to his Kingdom and the world!! Blessings to you and keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! Yes, it is my heart’s desire to teach the body of Christ that it is God’s will for them to be prosperous. The gift He gives us is the vehicle by which He does it. We don’t have to beg for prosperity, it is our inheritance and everything we need to obtain it, God has already given us!

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