Warning: Having it Your Way Could Hurt You

Often I am so anxious about my life that I run full force into projects without first consulting God’s wisdom and plan. Before I know it, I’ve mapped everything out and am busy implementing my plan BEFORE I’ve even prayed and ensured that my plans line up with God’s plan.

It’s during these times that I become frustrated because the way is difficult, the resources are minimal and the impact is not what I had hoped. I’m tired, frustrated and it seems my efforts have yield little benefit.

Maybe you’re like me. Perhaps you’ve been so preoccupied trying to set your agenda that you have failed to ask God if He agreed. Often we set our agendas and life course and then pray that God would honor and advance our goals.

What I am learning is to seek God for His agenda because that is the only one He is obligated to fund, source and provide provision. It is also the only one that will provide peace.

What’s on your agenda? Did you pray about it before you launched into it? Make sure your plan is one born out of the mind of God for your life. That way your success is guaranteed.


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  1. Great wisdom; thanks for sharing!

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