The POWER of One Word Could Change Your Life!

Easy to say hard to do. We want the benefits of realizing our hopes and dreams, but often find ourselves not willing to do what is required to live it out.

Like the millions of people who buy lottery tickets every week hoping, wishing and praying for a miracle, we keep staring at that goal list we’ve made and hope and pray our dreams come.

However, I’ve only found one thing that makes our dreams come true…consistent effort that comes through commitment.

Do you find yourself making New Year’s Resolutions that you seem to abandon no sooner than February?

I’ve realized that there are three things that help me stay focused. I hope they’ll inspire you to stay the course too.


3 Ways to Commit to

Your Dream


Embrace It

You must love and embrace the dream God gives. You cannot simply want it. You must see yourself living it. You must pray over it. You must adore it.

Plan For It 

It is said that a dream without a plan is a wish. How are you going to accomplish this dream? Do you have that plan written down on paper? Take this dream out of your mind and put it on paper!

Execute It

Now DO it. God has only promised to prosper what we DO! Stop hoping, wishing and planning and start DOING.


***Post your dream for 2013 in the comment section below, so we can join our faith as we embrace, plan and execute God’s dream. Your contribution to the earth is necessary and powerful. Get to it!***

4 Comments to “The POWER of One Word Could Change Your Life!”

  1. I understand what you mean. If we say we are going to “try” something that leaves a way out. Sometimes we need no way out.

    • Absolutely Cheryl. We’re not going to look for a way out, just the way up. Success is sure!!!

  2. This is a great twist on the usual New Year’s Resolution/goal setting materials that are so common during this time of the year-I love it!
    My dream is to pay off some debt that has has been weighing heavy on me…giving me headaches and keeping me from sleeping.

    • I touch and agree with you for supernatural debt cancellation and peaceful sleep and rest while God gives the strategy to make it happen! Blessings to you!

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