The Most Critical Tip You Need to Launch Your Purpose

There’s a great push to discover one’s purpose and calling. Everybody’s trying to figure out the formula. Trying to find out where they belong…where they fit.
We’re running from one conference this week to another seminar the next week looking for answers no person can give. We ask our friends and family, “Who am I and why am I here?” We look for it in the latest, greatest movie star – maybe they can provide the perfect model or at least some of the answers to this dilemma.
I, too, was on this rollercoatser ride. After years of searching, none of those resources held the answer my soul so desperately craved. Finally, I turned to the Creator of all things – the one I should have sought first for the answer.
What I learned from God, I now share with you. The objective of this blog has always been to provide encouragement as you seek to live a life of purpose. However, I decided to update things a little so that each blog is focused on not only providing inspiration, but proven tips, tools and a STRATEGY to help you get there quicker.
“So Cheryl, what is this most critical tip,” you ask? It is what I like to call…
The Purpose Launchpad
The purpose launchpad tip is simple. Find the ONE thing you excel in. Tada!!! As strange as it may seem, it is that simple. Nothing convulted, nothing complex.
What are you GREAT at? Not the thing you’re good at, but the thing in which you are EXCELLENT. The thing you are naturally gifted to do. The thing that other people always rave about.
You’re probably wondering, “Doesn’t she know that this is the tip EVERYONE gives?” Perhaps so. But how many people do you know that are aware of what makes them great?
I ask people what makes them great all the time. Soooo…how many people do you think have an answer to that question? Not many. Is it because we’re too lazy to do the work to find out? I don’t think so. I think it is because we don’t see ourselves as special.

We can answer what makes other people great, but we’ve discounted ourselves so much, we don’t see our own greatness. We’ve been predispositioned to lift others but we often fail to lift ourselves.
This week allow yourself to be self indulgent. Yippee!!! Yes, you get to focus soley on you! Create a list of everything you’re great at. It doesn’t matter what it is…just get to writing. Even if you start out with, “I’m a great eater,” write it down. It could be that you’re great at dissecting the ingredients in recipes. =)
Keep writing everyday. You’ll find that not only will you discover gifts that you somehow buried along the way, your confidence will grow.
 Sharing is caring! God has given each of us a special gift to bless the world. In your seaching this week, did you find a gift that you buried? Feel free to share it in the comment section below! You never know who needs it!

6 Comments to “The Most Critical Tip You Need to Launch Your Purpose”

  1. I think it would be helpful to ask our friends and co-workers what they see in us as great because as you pointed out we can rarely see it ourselves. I believe that is true because what we are great at just feels so “normal” to us…so there would be another key—look for something that feels “normal” to you. If you have to work hard at something it is NOT the natural gifting.

    • I agree that it is helpful to ask friends, family and co-workers what they see to give us clues we often overlook. It can produce great insight and help guide us to purpose. But in my years of talking to women about purpose and destiny, I find most trust other’s opinions more than they trust their own insight into the will of God for their lives. We often discount that nudge God places in our spirit and opt for the roar of voices of others.

  2. I could not agree more. God is the workman and we are the ship, or he is the potter and we are the clay. It is important and so very nice to remember that we should always skip the middle man and go straight to God. It really is that simple. Thanks for sharing!

    • Absolutely!

    • Yes indeed. Because I’m soooo chatty, it is sometimes hard for me to just be silent, but I’m learning and appreciating the things God is teaching me during this time!

  3. Awesome!!!!

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