Ready to try God’s Formula?

Often during the busyness and mayhem of life we get slightly confused about what really matters. Our lives become jumbled with demands that don’t fulfill us, deplete us and leave us weary and worn.

Where did these demands come from? Who made them and why are we so inclined to be held hostage by them? What kinds of demands you ask? Demands like… you must go to college. Demands like…. If you do go to college, you must finish in 4 years.

Or perhaps it’s the marriage demand. You must be married by age 25 to a person with a great job, great potential and perfect background. Also, after you marry this perfect specimen, you must have 2.5 children within three years.

You know… just those little demands that society, family and friends place on you that you find hard to escape. And that just scratches the surface, because those are the demands from others and in no way come close to the demands we seem to place on ourselves.

Demands like…. You must be the model of perfection in every area of life. You must excel in college… not just graduate. You must find a job paying top dollar as your first job and you must buy your dream house no longer than 5 years after finding that said job.

Seriously??? Who dictates these demands and priorities? Who told us this? Who are we listening to? To whose set of rules are we caving into? God never made these kinds of demands on us. He never said that the epitome of success was dictated by our degrees, the size of our bank accounts, our homes or our families.

We’re bound because we’ve been entrapped by our own expectations and have ceased going to the Creator who has clearly mapped out His plan and His priorities. It is so simple, yet we find a myriad of ways to complicate things.

God’s formula = seek first the kingdom of God. He’ll take care of the rest. If we’re tired, we have no one to blame but ourselves. If we want to find peace, abundance and contentment we have to go back to the source, God. Only then will we see the true pathway to abundance. Let’s finally decide to escape the world’s demands, and sometimes our own demands and decide that we’ll take Jesus’ yoke. It’s easier. Easy like Sunday morning!

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