Listen Up

Have you ever been in a conversation and forgot what was said moments later? Or even worse, have you ever not even heard what someone was saying as they were talking to you? You could see their mouth moving, you heard sounds coming out of their mouth and you even nodded your head to show that you “heard” them.

But the truth of the matter was you really were not listening at all. The entire time they were speaking, your mind was formulating how you would respond, figuring out how you’d retort what they had said. No, you weren’t listening. You were planning.

Comprehension and understanding cannot occur when we don’t listen well. Listening implies that we realize that we simply do not know it all. It implies our willingness to learn and to understand another’s viewpoint. Listening is an art and a skill that every believer needs to perfect.

You see, often God speaks in whispers. He doesn’t yell. He doesn’t scream. Often we have to quiet ourselves to hear His instructions for our life. He doesn’t scream over the roar of our busy life. He won’t stop the noise so we can hear better.

No. He is the ultimate gentleman. He patiently waits for us to adjust our life and ask for Him to speak. When we’re ready. When we’re tired of pretending to listen. When we’re tired of doing our own thing and not achieving the results we desire. When we decide He does know best and His way is the best way, we’ll hear His voice loud and clear.

Are you listening to your life? Listening is a skill that takes time, patience and trust. But the results gained are so worth the time and effort. Listen up. God is speaking if you take the time to hear.

4 Comments to “Listen Up”

  1. Amen!

  2. Awesome! When you learn how to listen, life really changes. God notices our listening and when He knows he has our attention, He speaks!

    • Yes ma’am. Listening is the principal thing. I’m learning how to listen better everyday!

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