Don’t Choke

I’m a girlie girl. So that may seem to confirm the old adage that I don’t like sports. Well, the truth is that I love the “idea” of sports, but cringe at the necessary battle that wages for victory. I like the outcome of a sports match, but can barely watch the game.
If I am ever routing for a specific team and they are losing by a small margin, my stomach is in knots and I can scarcely watch. The full truth be told, I’d rather not watch at all and just have someone tell me the outcome.
What I’ve learned is that this is often the way I approach life. How astonishing to look back over my life and realize that I constantly choked when situations in my life were close calls. I shudder to think of all the victories I probably let slip by because I simply didn’t fight all they way through.
I let fear and intimidation cheat me out of so many blessings because I wouldn’t fight until the finish. Oh, I’d start a great battle. As long as I was on top and winning, things would be fine. But the minute I began to lose and it “appeared” that I wouldn’t or couldn’t regain a winning edge, I’d shrink and disappear from the battle.

How many victories have you also forfeited? It is the enemy’s strategy to make us think that we cannot be victorious in battle. He works his strategy so wonderfully that often he doesn’t even have to fight at all.
Why? Because we give up so easily. If God doesn’t drop our miracle from the sky, if He doesn’t show up in our timetable, if His answer doesn’t look like our request we retreat. Our retreat leaves the “spoils,” our blessings on the table for someone else.

I cringe when I think that someone else may be walking around with the blessings I forfeited. I hurts my heart to imagine that I could have more and be more if I dug my heels in a little deeper and with faith and hope kept fighting.
While I know that’s water under the bridge, it helps me to focus more in my present and for my future. I now cease to retreat in the face of a great battle. I know that if I don’t give up, if I don’t give in, I am destined to win.
Fight on my sisters and brothers. Victory is yours. Please don’t give it away.

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