3 Tips to Master the Art of Loving Yourself

Loving You!

We’re inundated with thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how to better love our spouses, family and friends, but we don’t often see suggestions on how to better love ourselves.
The truth of the matter is that we can’t authentically love others until we’ve mastered the art of loving ourselves. Love is a fountain that spills from a well nourished reservoir from within.
Today’s post offers 3 simple tips to get the love you need by being the love you desire.
Tip #1: Learn to SEE what God sees
“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Psalm 139:14
When God looks at us, He sees the wonderfully awesome person He created with gifts, talents and the capacity to inspire and empower the earth. Instead of seeing everything you “think” is wrong with you, learn to look through the lens of a doting Father who sees the beauty He created when He created you.
Tip #2 – Meditate on Your Positive Attributes
One of the most powerful books I’ve read was entitled, “Now Discover Your Strengths,” by Marcus Buckingham. So often we look so long at the things we don’t like in ourselves that we simply overlook the things about us that are wonderful. Take this opportunity to write all the great things about you. You’re smart. You’re kind. You’re generous. You’re funny. As you concentrate and celebrate your great attributes and begin to thank God for the wonder He’s created in you, you’ll see that those attributes far outweigh anything else.






Tip #3 – Surround Yourself with People Who Love You
Because God is love and shares this love with us, it allows us to love ourselves. This is also true with the circle of friends God has allowed us to connect with. As we keep close only those who truly love and celebrate us, it enables us to develop a circle of love that nurtures, inspires and empowers us to be all that God has called us to be.
We are God’s children. That alone makes us worthy of the love of anyone. If the Creator of the universe loves us unconditionally, we’re are certainly worthy of the love of others.
Resource: Need help in the loving me department? My first book, Becoming Engaged: Finding the Courage to Be Me! is a great resource to help you see who God sees when He sees you so  you can love yourself as HE loves you! Click on the image to get this resource now.


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  1. Wonderful piece, and much needed; I’ll be picking up the book referenced in tip #2

    • Glad you enjoyed it. You’ll love Marcus Buckingham’s book!!!

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