3 REAL Tips to Love the Unlovely

Learning to love yourself is so very important. Without self-love we can never hope to love others appropriately. But once we begin to see ourselves as God sees us, we can begin to love others as God loves them. But how do we love the unlovely? Today I’m offering three tips that will help you begin to do it today.
1. See them through God’s eyes 
When you’re facing difficulty loving someone who does not seem so “lovable,” we have to remember that they are God’s child too. He loves them. He esteems them. We come to the conclusion that if God could love us and ALL of our imperfections, we can certainly love others through their imperfections.
2. Forgive them for not being perfect 
Newsflash: I’m not perfect. Never will be. You’re not perfect. Never will be. Breathe in… breathe out. It’s okay, we’ll survive. We can choose to love each other through our shortcomings and forgive one another when we fail.
3. Give them permission to be different
Allow others the space to be uniquely who God gifted them to be. We’re are not supposed to be alike or think alike. No one is the same. God made us different on purpose. You have something I need. I have something you need. When we couple our personalities together we weave together a tapestry that combines all of those strengths.




Note: To whom are you having difficulty showing love? Decide to go the extra mile and extend one act of kindness to them today. They need the love and you need the practice. =)

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