Struggled Starts

Starting is never easy. Typically you don’t have everything you need. Youre scared that you won’t succeed and it seems as if all eyes are on you… Waiting, watching, counting the days to see if you can really pull it off.

What if it doesnt work out like you planned? What if you were wrong? What if, what if, what if?

The real question we should be asking ourselves is what if we are right! What if it does work? What if it goes better than anything we could have ever imagined? Instead of looking for the bad things that could happen, why not look for the great things that God has promised instead?

We must change the way we think if we are ever going to change the way we live. So, you’re starting out with only a vision and a prayer. That’s all God needs to multiply it into a full-fledged multi-billion dollar enterprise.

He’s not asking you to have everything in place. He doesnt even expect you to. That’s why He’s there. He has everything you need. If you need provision for the vision… He’s got it. If you need people to walk the vision out… He’s got them too. If you need faith to conquer  your doubts, He’s got you covered. Remember the mustard seed?

No matter how small your mustard seed of faith is, that’s all God needs to move the mountain of fear, doubt and anxiety from you. You are His child. And God always takes care of His own.

Engagement Ring: What dream are you not pursuing because of fear, doubt or lack of provision? Pick that dream back up. Look at it, really look at it. Pray over it. Now ask God to bless it and choose today to begin to WORK on it!

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