It’s amazing to me to see how God has orchestrated my life. Like puzzle pieces, I am finally able to see a shadow of the finished work. It’s not complete yet, but the form is there. Any expert puzzle constructor knows that the best way to complete a puzzle is to start with the foundation or the outer edges and then work your way inside.

The outer edges are easy because the shapes are recognizable. It’s only when you begin to fill in the center of the puzzle that difficulty arises. Sometimes it is hard to discern which puzzle piece goes where. Some pieces mimic each other. You sometimes find yourself trying to force pieces to go somewhere they are not designed to fit simply because it looks like it should fit.

That’s just like life. Everything that looks like it should fit, doesn’t fit. No matter how hard you try, if it doesn’t fit it will never work in that space. We’ve got to go beyond the surface and really discern the shape of our lives. That’s the beauty of Christ. He knows what will fit our lives. He knows what will fit our past, conform to our present and transform our future.

He is all wise and knows the situation, people and circumstances we need to encounter to bring us to the expected end He’s designed just for us. If we are following His lead and listening for His voice we don’t have to worry because our future stands sure and secure.

Engagement Ring: Are the puzzle pieces of your life finally coming together? Can you see it? Or are they laying everywhere and you cannot make sense of the order or structure? Are you trying to do all the arranging? Why not let God help you? He created the puzzle and knows exactly where each piece belongs.

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