Misplaced Expectations

Trying to live up to others’ expecations can sometimes be heavy. Who told them they were the measuring tool for what or who you should be? Who made them the dictator of your life? Sometimes people, whether it be your parents, your pastor, employer or even your friends, think they know better than you the path your life should take.

No one has that authority but God! He created you for His purpose alone. While others may contribute greatly to mentoring, supporting and cultivating God’s dream in your life, no one else but God has the say so in who you are to be and become.

Never give authority to another person to dictate who you should be. God has that privilege alone. Let God form your life and be sure to place proper boundaries as to who you allow to speak into your life.

Check their aganda. Why do they want to be THE voice in your life? What do they have to gain from “controlling” your trajectory? God alone maps your destiny and the route you should take on your journey. Let everyone else take their rightful place in the passenger seat.

If they refuse, let them go. They’re taking up someone else’s space.

Engagement Ring: What method do you use for selecting mentors? Are they God-appointed or did you choose them for vain reasons?  Be painfully honest as your future depends on it. Use this time to reflect on how they entered your life. If they no longer “fit” where you are or where you are going, there is no better time than now to release them from their leadership role in your life.

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