Little Irritations

Have you ever noticed that it is often the small irritations of life that sometimes seem to give you the most grief? Not a major tradgedy… Just the day to day agitations that wear you down like a steady drop wears a bolder down to a pebble over the course of time.

It may be the imperfections of a family member, the slow cashier at the grocery store or the elderly driver during rush hour. Someway, somehow they seem to eat away at your inner resolve to be the loving, kind person God has called you to be.

What’s eating at you today? Your child’s lack of focus at school? Your spouse that forgot to take out the trash or clean the house? Or was it the coworker who never says hello? At the end of the day, do these things really matter?

If your child had the focus of Einstein would it enrich your life more? If your spouse never forgot to do a thing on your “honey-do” list, would it make you more loving? Or if that antisocial coworker spoke to you daily would it drastically change your life?

Now while having these things may make you feel better, I would have to guess they would not greatly alter your life. If this is the case, why do we spend so much time and attention on them?

Because we’ve lost focus on what’s really important. Your child may not be an A student, but they are your A+ child. Your husband or wife may not be flawless, but let’s face it, neither are you. They are God’s gift and perhaps if you would cherish and applaud them for all of the things they do right, they just might improve in other areas.

Life is not perfect. It is a collection of delightfully imperfect moments. Instead of wasting precious moments complaining about the imperfections, choose to learn to see every imperfect situation as a unique opportunity to celebrate the humanity of others who are just as imperfect as you!

Engagement Ring: Today throw away your need for perfection. Life is too precious to spin your wheels waiting for people and situations to live up to your impossible expectations. Know that aside from God, perfection does not exist. Not even in you.

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