Everywhere you turn, people are talking about what to do about their “haters.” The terminology still baffles me. For those who may not be familiar with this term, a hater is defined as someone who dislikes another so much that they try to thrwart that person’s success either by sabotage or simply by cotinually repeating unkind words or actions.

While I do agree that there are people in life who are detractors and who will not cheer for you as you journey to success, I am reluctant to believe in the power the “hated” seem to think these “haters” possess.

So… I get that they don’t like you. I get they may be jealous of your popularity, your success or whatever. But really??? Why do we give them so much time and attention? Do you need everyone to like you? Are you waiting on their permission to be who God called you to be? Is their stamp of approval necessary for you to feel valuable?

If not, then why are you even entertaining them? Why do you even notice them or give them time and attention? Your very mention of them is an admission that they do have power over you and you have not yet come to the place where you so value yourself and God’s gift in you that their words or actions cannot move you.

Everyone will not applaud your success. Everyone is not waiting for God’s light to shine on you. Jesus had detractors, but He never focused on them because He knew who He was. He refused to take His eye off of His assignment to entertain them. My encounragement to you is take your eyes off of your haters who cannot stop you and put your eyes on Jesus. Your assignment is too important and your pearls to valuable to be dripping in pig slop!

Engagement Ring: Make a list of everyone you believe to be on your haters list. Next to their names write the impact they could have to stop or hinder what God has called you to do and to be. I’m guessing you have nothing to write down. Since they cannot stop God’s purpose in you, choose today to dismiss them from your mind, thoughts and vocabulary.

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  1. Merely a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design.

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