Fight On!

What do you do when you’re tired? You’ve fought a good battle, but you know you’re not done. It seems as if the fight is gone out of you and you don’t feel you have any strength left. It’s often so easy to tell others to fight on, but what do you do when it’s you who is seemingly left without any energy?

As much as we sometimes hate to admit it, sometimes we are left depleted and burned out. We’ve run so hard toward our goal that when we can finally see the ribbon clinging to the finish line our strength wanes.

Maybe you’ve never been there, but I must admit that I’ve been there more than once. It seems that whenever I’m pursuing a goal, I can run really fast, really hard for most of the race. I’m encouraged, pumped and ready to make things happen.

But somehow, some where along the road I get winded. I know I’m almost done. I know I’m really close to the finish line, but my strength is so weak and my resolve so strained that I often struggle to make it to that white tape.

How can we get so close that we “see” the finish line and still faint? How could we have endured so much, run so far and worked so hard only to give up before obtaining the prize? I know you’re tired. I know it seems like you’ve been running forever. I know you’re weak and just ready to see the light of day. But I want to encourage you today to never give up until you receive your reward.

You see, it doesn’t make sense to go through everything you’ve had to go through, to fight and win all the battles you’ve encountered along the way to just throw in the towel in the 11th hour. You’ve gone through too much to give up. You’ve endured too many struggles to walk away.

If you’re on this road and “see” your finish line seemingly mocking you in the distance, somewhere deep inside of yourself you must find the strength and courage to fight on. Victory is within your grasp. Reach again.

Engagement Ring: Don’t ever believe that the road to your purpose is a sprint. No, it’s a journey that offers rest stops along the way. So before you think you have to sprint to the finish line, pull into the rest stop and be refreshed. It’s your journey and not a competition. You’re the only one that can complete it. So enjoy it.

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