The Three Letter Word

Three and four letter words are not often something we want to hear. When we hear that phrase we typically think of words that are offensive and ones that should never come out of a Christian’s mouth.

We think of expletives. Words bleeped out in television shows which are signs of frustration and anguish. But we as Christians are all too familiar with a three letter word most of us do not find comforting… now.

In a time when personal success is defined by tangible signs, i.e. money, houses, yachts or any of a number of outward signs of wealth, we often shun “now” because we see all of the things we have not accomplished and the pinnacles we have yet to reach.

You may not be where you want to be, but it doesn’t really matter where you are right now because it’s only the launching pad for where God is taking you. It doesn’t have to be an end point if you dont want it to be.

It can be the great place where God catapults you into your dreams and destiny. It can be the genesis to a great journey. But only if you have the courage to accept it. Now is not a bad word. It’s only the first word to a great future. Embrace your now!

Engagement Ring: What great blessing could you be overlooking now, while you race to your great future? Take inventory of those things today. List them all. It may take hours, days or weeks, but I believe it would take forever. Take at least 30 minutes everyday this week and write every blessing that comes to your mind. You’ll find yourself becoming more thankful and aware of daily blessings you often overlook. Remember, getting to the next thing requires being thankful for now things!

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